Schwarzenegger Terminator 5 concept

Reported on: 27/02/10

Well we would now like to speculate on what Arnold would look like in Terminator 5 and 6… now maybe bringing back a leather jacket and sunglasses might be unbelievable but I am sure William wisher can find a way. The following photoshop images are not great but give an idea as to how the Governator would look in a new Terminator. We took a pretty recent picture of Arnold in his governor suit and messed around a little. The reason we chose to do this? Alot of people are saying Terminator is over… It’s finished. The films are now shit and Arnold is too old… We beg to differ and all we now want as fans are 2 more pictures that give us 2 epic sci-fi movies to make us go to the grave with a smile on our faces in rememberance that yes… The millenium and 9/11 ruined the terminator franchise. That a seriously brutal film series was turned into a mere cash cow comedy series. Terminator Salvation tried to get a little bit more serious but not serious enough!!

Concept 1: Terminator With Shades (T2 shades):

Well this doesn’t really work… to some extent the T2 frame has dated a little. T3 and T4’s wardrobes were lacking on the whole. If Arnold was to don the sunglasses again… it would need to be really smartly written and also the frame of the glasses would really need to be so swish and modern that they would never ever not look cool on Mr Schwarzenegger.

Arnold in Terminator 5 and 6 fan concept

Concept2: Terminator without sunglasses:

Well Mr Schwarzenegger… You look great! your age doesn’t appear to change anything. Your on form and look just as good as you did in Terminator 3. Now, something to me ruined the full battle damaged Arnold. Aswell as having reflective yellow lights everywhere in the final scenes (a color choice gone wrong from lighting a terminator movie- blue people BLUE WE NEED BLUE not fucking red, green, yellow, pink) they also changed the eye in Terminator 3 to look larger and more comical… I think this was a demand… the orginal lense/eye design from the first 2 movies was actually disturbing, it was like you were looking into the eyes of a killer and not arnold with a plastic toy face.

terminator 5 news

Overall: Come back Schwarzenegger! We want more Terminator. There is not much time!! DO IT NOAW!


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