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Posted by TheTerminatorFans.com on Monday, March 01, 2010

Terminator 3 Ps2Lately I have felt the need to discuss Terminator 3. Terminator 3 became a very different movie as many fans will know… Why was Terminator 3 such a comedy? (this is how we class the 3rd picture). The serious backbone of the saga went so far down the pan that fans love to hate this movie and even major fan sites around the time demanded something called T3.5. This was a fight to get scenes restored, music changed and more, petitions were flying around the internet. Did Warner Brothers do what the fans asked… ? of course not. a certain terrorist attack on the twin towers damaged/delayed many movies…It is my belief that this crushed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career with “Collateral Damage”. It got delayed, it didn’t get much press.

We want to delve a little more into the film that could have been….. Now this isn’t a deleted scene but we believe that maybe the 900 series had a more fleshed out role. As a fan I have to admit that my lack of love for the third picture didn’t allow me to notice the T900 in Terminator 3 which is understandable seeing as human eyes are persuaded to focus on the prototype flying HK as a focal point in this scene. So take a look at the left of the scene and you will see a T900!!

T900 Terminator 3

As a fan of the Terminator 3 computer games (the games were better than the movie itself) and knowing that the game makers had a heavy involvement with the film makers to produce these games. The connection was so strong that the 900 series, which was created solely for the game, was given this cameo in the movie. It doesn’t really make sense as to why a 900 series would be in development when the T800 construction isn’t even in the movie… but it was supposed to be!

The 900 series makes sense from a future stand point and not a modern day… If the 900 is not far off the 1000 series then why is it in present day? The 900s appeared in the game after John Connor’s death, which would make sense. Maybe this series of Terminator should have been classed as the 700 series or the true 850. Afterall to fans the only difference between the 800 and the 850 was how Arnold could open his chassi to reveal a bunch of camp rubbish christmas lights inside of his great barrel chest.

The CRS (Cyber Research Systems) scenes took a big beating in production, aswell as the horrific Sgt. Candy scene.

Below is a couple of seconds of footage of the deleted T800 production. It seems they just removed things which the fans would find cool. Although the T800 does look kind of er, shit. Jonathan Mostow has a real lack of understanding as far as Terminator goes (or so it appears) so I will also state that it isn’t just Mostow’s fault, every director has a crew full of idiots sometimes. It proves that relaxed and nice guy director’s should not be in charge of Terminator movies. McG and Mostow are too relaxed and cocky when making their movies… They think they’re the dogs bollocks and then they have to face the shame of the mistakes they had created in their complacency.

So anyway, the T900 was a nice compliment to the Terminator 3 movie and showed the bridge between computer game making and film production. This was a question that is already around on the internet but deserves a place and mention on this site. The question needs an answer as proof of the T900 was everywhere in Terminator 3 merchandise and games. It goes to show that since Terminator 2 the imagination of game makers surpases that of the film makers.

T900, T850 battle damaged, T850, T1, TX endoskeleton, TX (left to right)

Will the T900 return…? Who knows… it was a great computer game character at least. The T900 was again used for the best Terminator game; Terminator 3 The Redemption. Graphics and gameplay wise The Redemption was far superior to the T3 movie game. As you can see the design is taken in a more serious tone and we like it. It makes sense and endoskeleton with armor plating.

Terminator 3 The Redemption T900 concept art

It was nice to meet you Mr. 900 but the 1000 will soon be coming off the production line, not to worry they are on your side. The End.


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