T-800, CSM-101 (1984): Profile


The Terminator, specifically the T-800 Series Model 101 is a cybernetic organism sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future in an effort to carry out its mission of either protection or assassination. It is living tissue such as skin, hair, eyes, and fingernails growing over a seemingly indestructible metal that acts as a skeleton and CPU. In times of extreme combat the metal skeleton can be seen where patches of skin have been destroyed.

The T-800 has been sent back from a future where machines became artificially intelligent. A program of A.I was developed by Cyberdyne systems, and was incorporated into a United States military program known as Skynet. However, Skynet had been gaining more and more control and ultimately had access to every computer on the planet. When the US fully activated Skynet, at that point it had complete control, and acted systematically to eliminate the only threat to it: humans. For protection, it launched nuclear weapons humans had built and killed approximately 3 billion people in the initial attack. The attack started a new war between man and machine and subsequently the T-800 was developed years later. By appearing human it proved advantageous on the battlefield for infiltration and assassination. However the humans had united under a leader John Connor, and proved they were not going to give up at all. The machines in an effort to stop this problem sent back a T-800 back in time to kill John Connor’s mother, Sarah. The humans also sent back a soldier to protect Sarah, Kyle Reese. Reese fell in love with Sarah while on his mission, and consequently became John’s father. Reese died trying to destroy the T-800 using homemade dynamite however, but Sarah survived the T-800, crushing it using factory equipment.

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