Happy New Year Terminator Fans!

Happy New Year 2012

Welcome to 2012 with TheTerminatorFans.com

In 2011 the rights to the Terminator Franchise were obtained by a new owner Megan Ellison; with hopes of making 2 more Terminator films before 2018.

In 2018 (the year in which Terminator Salvation is set) Jim Cameron (director/c0-writer of the first 2 Terminator movies) will get the rights back due to a legal loophole. This will not only make Mr. Cameron richer than he is already but will most likely also be the end of the Terminator Franchise as we know it, after all, we know if he had his own way T3 and Salvation would not exist. He will have the power to stop more Terminator movies ever being made.

Have T3 and Salvation taught Hollywood a lesson? Maybe Hollywood took note that we fans will not tolerate this PG-13 Bullshit any longer and that we want a proper Terminator installment and not the cash cow that James Cameron transformed the series into with T2:Judgment Day… as it stands today we think tacky one-liners serve very little purpose in the franchise (and as much as people love Terminator 2: Judgment Day and even see it as the best in the series) this website over the years has begun to see holes and that in hindsight the film was targeted at a younger audience.
Myself, as the webmaster of this website, saw the movie as a child and thought it was great… now, as I travel through an adult life full of the daily grind and dark side of existing, find the gloss and one-liners of T2 quite sickening…

T3 is the worst Terminator movie of all, just an opinion, (also the opinion and a good percentage of the rest of the world too) the movie is lackluster shit, it looked almost as shit as Joel Schumacher’s horrific Batman movies (Forever and Batman & Robin) with the director (Jonathan Mostow) seemingly taking direction from the 60s Batman TV series starring Adam West in tone and color accent.  Pink, Yellow and Green lighting do not suit a fu@K#n Terminator movie! Blue Skies and sunny deserts are not the future war we saw… the fans didn’t want the things they loved to change, the fans wanted their dreams for the franchise imagined! They wanted to see a Terminator movie which gave the viewer a unique insight into the future war!

We detest T3 and Salvation because it made sure that Terminator Fans never got the Trilogy they always wanted.

Some people see Terminator 5 as the true Salvation of the saga and with rumors that this movie could ignore the 3rd and 4th movies it has fans anticipating the true trilogy.
The new owner Megan Ellison has some hefty financial support (so she has the funds to provide the budget a film of this caliber needs) if she puts stories and characters above all else and enlists the right people she has the possibility of being the smartest person ever involved with the franchise. If she releases a “true terminator movie” and goes back to the origins that made this series great then she will reap the rewards (something which T3 and T4 had very little of) and make fans happy.

All we ask is that she pays attention to the fans. No-one wants a repeat of Salvation; with then director McG making all the right noises only to produce an extended trailer (what hadn’t we already seen in the trailers when we watched the movie?).


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2 responses to “Happy New Year Terminator Fans!

  • mindofmatty

    I disliked T3, but really enjoyed Terminator Salvation. I thought Sam Worthington was great, and most of the story was good as well. I did think that Bale doured Connor up too much (the “Batman” approach), but the other actors were fine.

    Personally, I’d prefer a proper continuation of the Salvation storyline, with a return to the classic Terminator feel (T1 & 2).

    • theterminatorfans

      Terminator Salvation had many good points. It was a good movie; a great summer movie for the tweens but not really a Terminator movie. Mr. Bale spends much time fluctuating from accent to accent which is fine when he’s playing Batman, in fact it’s somewhat acceptable due to the nature of Bruce Wayne hiding his identity to save Gotham… but in the case of Terminator Salvation his accent was awful; the scene between Marcus and John is case in point. Bad. Marcus was an interesting creation but one which wasn’t used well enough in Salvation. Who knows what Ms. Ellison might do though!

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