Should Ridley Scott Direct Terminator 5?

We’ve had some interest via email from fellow Terminator Fans regarding a possible role for Ridley Scott as director of Terminator 5 which nudged us into watching his latest movie… Prometheus.

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News on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2013 Terminator Return fake?

Yesterday reported a new Terminator 5 news story involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to Terminator which would begin filming in 2013 and would continue for six months.
The internet was alive with excited fans talking Terminator in hushed tones… Today it appears that the story may well have been a fake. How? the original story was in fact reported by “” which was then picked up by “”, the original post cited no sources and was located in the USA but their info claimed Denmark… Questionable?

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Arnold Is Back?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement with the next Terminator project has been slightly shaky of late due to the personal issues in his life… Fans of the franchise have been wanting Arnold to return to the franchise he made iconic in the 80s and 90s, only to be told that it would be attached to Justin Lin (Fast Five). Lin’s participation seems to have dissipated to a degree and now it seems Arnold is back!

According to Moviehole Arnold is set to return for Terminator 5 which will begin filming in 2013 and will last six months!

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If Not Jim Then Who?

James Cameron recently spoke of his belief that the next Terminator movie should be “all about Arnold”, suggesting that whomever takes on the Directorial role for T5 should make an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie… Jim doesn’t sound like his future plans have changed since Avatar and his journey down to the Mariana Trench; so what does this mean for our beloved franchise?

If James Cameron wont direct the next Terminator movie who should?

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Nick Stahl Found!

We recently reported that 32 year old Actor Nick Stahl who played John Connor in Terminator 3 had gone missing. Fans expressed deep concern and his family, wife and child were distraught. Nick had been reported to have disapeared into Skid Row and had been officially missing for over a week… finding Nick possibly not alive was on the cards and talk of the John Connor curse was rife…

nick stahl found after over a week of being missing

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Who is your favorite Terminator character/actor?

Which is your favorite and/or least favorite character/actor of the entire Terminator saga and why? Share your loves and your hates with us!

terminator loves and hates

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Who should play John connor in Terminator 5?

Can John Connor save mankind? Terminator 5 will hopefully show us the answer! Do you want Edward Furlong or Christian Bale to play our savior?

Who is John Connor?

terminator 5 cast speculation

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James Cameron Terminates Terminator 5 Speculation.

Terminator Fans around the world have long hoped for Director James Cameron to return to the franchise he created and give us a Terminator movie worthy of the title…

Now the legendary director tells the world of his future plans and they don’t seem to involve Terminator 5…

james cameron terminates speculation for Terminator 5

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Arnold Schwarzenegger tells sick Terminator fan Usman Khan to keep fighting like Terminator!

arnold schwarzenegger speaks to sick fan

British Newspaper; The Sun, reported on how The Terminator himself- Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken time out to record a personal message to sick British Arnold/ Terminator Fan Usman Khan.

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Happy Birthday Detective Hal Vukovich!

Lance Henriksen aka: Detective Hal Vukovich of The Terminator (1984) turns seventy-two today! join us on Facebook to wish Lance a very Happy Birthday!

Lance Henriksen Terminator

Happy Birthday to the original Terminator!

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